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In this class I will walk you through my process to get Tax Day Ready with five simple steps you can take on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to make tax time panic a thing of the past!


Taught by business strategist and financial coach, Shanna Skidmore.

Nicknamed the “dream-releaser” by her clients, she helps entrepreneurs make money doing what they love.

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My step-by-step and hand-holding guide to get tax day ready!

 Believe me, I have sat at more than one kitchen table on April 14th frantically helping my entrepreneur friends sort through receipts trying to get that tax return in before the April 15th deadline. While taxes aren’t the first thing on your mind on most days (nor should they be!), when tax season arrives many entrepreneurs go into full on sweat mode! While taxes and money can be headache-inducing, sweat-producing, panic-stricken topics—my goal is to simplify this topic and get you geared to walk into tax season confidently! Keep your armpits dry people! Let’s get you geared up with the information you need to make tax season a, well, breeze!  

This free class is ONLY AVAILABLE until February 28th. Don't delay!

In this class you’ll learn :  

  1. How to organize your tax documents throughout the year to make tax time simple (even without paying for a formal bookkeeping software system)
  2. A checklist you can reuse year after year with a full list of the essential documents you’ll need come tax time!
  3. My #1 tax hack to save yourself hours at tax time and it takes less than 30 mins to set up!
  4. I’ll bust some myths about taxes and give you the 411 on “do you really need to keep all those receipts” and “so what’s the deal with mileage versus paying for fuel in my car? Can I do both?”
  5. Tax lingo broken down into language we can all understand! No more hair-pulling with words like Net income versus Gross Profit or feeling intimidated next time your CPA uses the word “mitigate”.
  6. Last but not least I’ll share with you exactly how to build the right tax team (no, not all CPAs are created equal!) and the exact questions you should be asking your CPA before hiring them (yes, they work for you not the other way around!)


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Learn the five simple steps you can take on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to make tax time panic a thing of the past! This free class is ONLY AVAILABLE until February 28th. Don't delay!

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